Focus on Quilts in this Multidisciplinary Educational Program

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Elementary School Program

Need a special program for your Elementary School? This Artist-In-Residence program can bring art, literature, history, and geometry alive for your students.

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Artist-In-Residence Program:
Quilts as Seen Through History, Mathematics, Literature, and Art

In a week-long Artist-In-Residence I will use quilts to teach social studies units on the textile industry in the US, the importance of quilts in American politics, and the different ethnic groups who contributed to this American folk art. The students will learn the basic geometry of various quilt patterns, and gain an understanding of how geometric elements relate one to another. We will read about quilts, their history, and the making of quilts, and take a look at quilts being made today.

Your Students Will Make a Quilt

The students will have an opportunity to make a quilt or quilts of their own. Two choices are possible here. A quilt can be made for the school and hung on display. A special dedication block for the quilt could be designed. The other option would be to make several quilts to donate to a community service project (such as quilts for children in a hospital ICU, a homeless shelter, or children's home) or a national quilt project (such as for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan). They will each have the opportunity to sew a block for the quilt(s) and learn how to operate a sewing machine. The quilt(s) will be tied and finished by the students as well.

Contact us to get more details and schedule your week.

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Kathryn Greenwold Quilts
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Focus on Quilts in this Multidisciplinary Educational Program