Appraisals Available for Antique and Contemporary Quilts

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Bring New People In

Plan an appraisal day for your shop, guild, library, or other civic organization.

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Plan Your Appraisal Day Now!

Kathryn Greenwold has been offering appraisal services to individuals and groups for over 15 years. She is AQS trained and is qualified to appraise both antique and traditional contemporary quilts. She has assisted in museum acquisitions and donations to historical societies.

Individuals and families may contact Kathryn to schedule an appraisal for insurance or estate purposes. She will come to you if you have a large collection, or you may want to bring your quilts to her. Contact us to begin the scheduling process.

An Appraisal Day Can Bring In New People

Shops, guilds, libraries, museums, civic organizations, and historical societies might consider scheduling an appraisal day in conjunction with a community celebration, museum exhibit, or town event. A collection of local antique quilts would be a wonderful backdrop for your appraisal day involving both contemporary and antique quilts.

Contact Kathryn to schedule your appraisal day.

You may also contact us to receive a copy of the information sheet, Appraisals: Who, What, Why, and How which explains why individuals need to have their quilts appraised, what the appraisal is, and what it is not.

Quilt Judging Also Available

Kathryn has worked with local folklore organizations and quilt guilds in New York and Vermont to judge their quilt shows. She provides a full report and comments on each quilt judged for the individual quilters. Kathryn has worked with several other area judges and could help facilitate finding a second judge for your show.

Don't Be Afraid - Have Your Quilt Judged!

Deciding to have a quilt judged is very difficult for some of us. But, taking this step can help a quilter move forward in skill, confidence, and artistic skill. With all of this in mind, it is important that judging be an instructive process for the individual quilters. Each quilt should be judged against itself (and its potential) rather than against all the other quilts in the room. Kathryn also strives to make comments that will lead the quilter to greater skill, a new technique, or improved execution in the next quilt she or he makes.

Need a Judge for Your Next Show?

Kathryn would be happy to speak with you about your quilt judging needs. She can travel and is available during the week. She likes to work with members of the sponsoring guild or organization who serve as scribes and support personnel for the judging process. This can also be an educational experience and broadens understanding for the judging process.

Contact us to discuss your next show, large or small, juried or open.

Two Lectures on Appraisal Services and Judging Available

In addition to her appraisal and judging services, Kathryn has prepared two lectures for presentation to Quilt Guilds and other organizations about the need for conscientious appraisal services and what takes place in the judging process. If your guild is planning an appraisal day, Kathryn can present her lecture, Appraisals: Who, What, Why, and How. In addition, if you are having your show judged for the first time, or if there have been questions about the judging process, have Kathryn present her lecture, Judging What's Important! She can clarify some of the misconceptions about judges and the judging process while helping your members understand the benefits of having your show judged.

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Appraisals Available for Antique and Contemporary Quilts