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Take a Break from Everything!

Bring a friend and experience a quilting getaway soon.

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Begin Planning Your Quilting Retreat Today!

Kathryn Greenwold offers a variety of quilting adventures for your Guild, friendship group, or club. We can customize the classes and lectures offered, and special events can be planned to enhance your quilting experience.

Think about what you could do with 3-7 days of sewing without interruption! Create your own fabrics, learn new piecing and applique techniques, learn how to hand quilt and love it, simply spend time working on projects you have already started with coaching and assistance.

Contact us to begin planning your quilting getaway today.

For information about Retreats that are upcoming, go to the CLASSES page.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

Beginner Retreats

Color and Design

Kathryn Greenwold
Contact us to schedule your Retreat.

This retreat is designed for beginners and more advanced students who feel they need some help with the selection of colors, fabrics, and prints. Through presentations and hands-on exercises you will gain confidence in your color and fabric choices. A simple piecing technique will be used to create unique and vibrant blocks.
Assistance can also be given in completing projects you feel need an injection of new or different color.

A full supply list will be provided when your Retreat is scheduled.

Mother-Daughter Weekend
Kathryn Greenwold
Contact us to schedule your Retreat

This weekend is designed for mothers and their daughters to join forces to create a simple quilt that will become a family keepsake. Basic sewing techniques and simple quilt finishing will be emphasized. Even if you have never made a quilt before, if you know you way around a sewing machine, you can do the work required during this Retreat.
Come enjoy a getaway with the most important woman in your life, relax, and get to know each other better.

A full list of supplies will be provided when the Retreat is scheduled. You will need a sewing machine in good working order, and know how to use it.

Custom-Made Retreats

Design Your Own Retreat

Kathryn Greenwold
Contact us to schedule your Retreat

If your friendship group or guild would like to put a retreat together, we can develop a program that meets your needs either from prepared workshops and lectures, or something completely new and different.
Contact us for more information.
This Retreat can be designed as either a weekend or week-long event.

A full supply list will be provided when your Retreat has been scheduled.

Reproduction, Repair, Restoration

Non-Quilters Weekend

Kathryn Greenwold
Contact us to schedule your Retreat

This weekend long retreat is designed for collectors and owners of family quilts who want to know more about how to properly care for, repair, restore, and value their quilt collections. Participants will learn the difference between repair and restoration and the techniques and materials to use when making repairs.

Appraisals will be available.
This is a non-sewing weekend. All are welcome!

Participants will be encouraged to bring quilts from their collections that need repair, or that they have questions about.

Treasures In Time

Kathryn Greenwold
Contact us to schedule your Retreat.

This workshop is designed to guide individuals who want to either reproduce an antique quilt or use antique blocks and fabrics in a new quilt. With the many reproduction fabrics we have available to use today, it is possible to create wonderful antique looking quilts while still using modern techniques. We will discuss the use of antique fabrics, blocks, and tops and how to determine whether they can be used. Hand quilting will also be taught.

A full supply list will be provided at the time your retreat is scheduled.

Technique Centered Retreats

Art Quilting

Kathryn Greenwold
Contact us to schedule your Retreat

We will explore techniques for altering fabric and blocks, embellishment, 3-D techniques, layering, and painting to create your own fabric or the top you have long imagined. Time spent experimenting with techniques will be emphasized, with lots of sharing within the group to foster ingenuity and spark creativity.

A full supply list will be provided when you book your Retreat.

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2240 Niskayuna Dr., Niskayuna, NY 12309
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