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Make Your Projects Unique!

Using these hand painted fabrics and unique patterns will give your quilts a unique flare. Take a look at what is available currently.

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Hand-Painted Fabrics

The fabrics pictured here are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted yardage to broaden your quilting and textile arts possibilities.
The picture is representative of the product you will receive. Specified colors will be the same, but the fabric may differ slightly from what is pictured on the website.
Sold in half-yard increments, 42" wide.
100% cotton. Heat set and washable.

Celtic Crosses - Seasonal Liturgical Designs

Use this set of seasonal liturgical designs to create hangings, banners, stoles, and table coverings for any season. The Celtic Cross remains the same throughout the year. The central designs change to reflect the seasons.
The designs are provided on CD to allow for enlarging to meet your needs.

Hand-Stamped Fabrics

A wide variety of fabrics are available using both natural elements such as leaves, grasses, and bark, and commercial and hand-made stamps.
The fabrics have been heat set and are washable. Contact us for more information and/or to request a specific design or color.

Information Sheets

Kathryn has developed information sheets on quilt appraisal and quilt care and storage. You may request one of these information sheets with any order.

Quilt Patterns

Kathryn has created a pattern for the traditional pattern Burgoyne Surrounded. Kathryn's approach to the pattern simplifies construction to facilitate piecing speed and accuracy. This is a wonderful pattern which provides spaces for quilting as well as a dynamic surface design in 3 colors.

Patterns are also available for modern quilt patterns which are designed specifically for art quilt techniques, surface design, embellishment, and creativing piecing.

Contact us for more information.

Burgoyne Surrounded

This traditional pattern was create to commemorate the Battle of Saratoga (NY) where General Burgoyne and the British troops were forced to surrender by the Revolutionary Army. The block is usually done in red, white, and blue or just white and red or blue, and is very graphic with secondary circular designs. It is a large block and looks much more complex than it is. My pattern has streamed lined the piecing to speed completion and save fabric. Call me at 518/370-1667 for information on how to obtain a copy of this pattern.

Fantasy Flowers

This pattern makes use of only two fabrics, pieced simply to create a background for these wonderful large flowers. Color and contrast are the key for this pattern. This is a baby quilt size wall hanging that can be completed in a weekend. Call me at 518/370-1667 for information on how to obtain a copy of this pattern.

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2240 Niskayuna Dr., Niskayuna, NY 12309
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Unique Fabrics and Patterns Now Available